I am Yuxuan Huang, a freelance photographer, graphic designer & illustrator based in Paris, France. I have worked in photography for 2 years, and have worked in Graphic design, Illustration work and Branding. for more than 3 years. 

Growing up, Photography and the beautifully illustrated books were always my passion, which ended up paving my path to becoming a photographer, designer and illustrator. I like cultural exchange and trying different things.  So you could see that there are many different styles in my works. In my works, self-identity and cultural identity are eternal themes. I also like to travel on weekdays, so I created the illustration series kaleidoscope, which is similar to the many beautiful scenery we can see from kaleidoscope. My mantra is to always accept challenges, enjoy the present, and love for life.

Language: Mandarin (Chinese), Français, English, Espagnol, Cantonese.